How to Print on a Circle-Shaped Paper

by Emile Heskey

Printing on circle-shaped paper will instantly make your invitations or posters look more unique. You can either print a picture, then cut the paper into a circle, or cut a circle then print onto it. Printing on a circle is no more difficult than printing on any other type of paper, and will make your work look more advanced. Use Windows' Paint program to print on circle-shaped paper.

Open Microsoft Paint. Select the circle drawing tool from the Ribbon. Draw a circle by holding the "Shift" key down, then clicking and dragging. If the circle-shaped paper is the diameter of a standard piece of paper, draw a circle that spreads across the whole page. When you are happy with the size of the circle, release the mouse button.

Click on the "A" button in the Ribbon. A text cursor will appear. Click and drag inside the circle to create a text box. Change the text's font, size and color in the Ribbon.

Type whatever text you wish inside the circle. Add graphics from the "Shapes" section of the "Home" ribbon. Leave a small gap between the content and the edge of the circle. When you have finished, save the document by pressing "Ctrl" and "S" at the same time. Choose a name and click "OK."

Press "Ctrl" and "P" and click "Print" to print your design. When Paint has finished printing, cut the paper along the line into a circle, if needed.

About the Author

Emile Heskey has been a professional writer since 2008, when he began writing for "The Journal" student newspaper. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in modern history and politics from Oxford University, as well as a Master of Science in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies from Edinburgh University.