How to Print CD Labels With Photos

By Dee O

Changing the look of a CD with CD labels is easy.
i cd-r with label image by patrimonio designs from

Printing your own CD labels with photos can be a fun and rewarding experience with the right knowledge and tools. You can take family photos and add them to a DVD or CD collection of pictures and videos. Adding photos to a CD or DVD with CD labels is as easy as peel and paste.

Step 1

Begin by looking at the package your CD labels came in to see if it has instructions on how to print or use a template source. If so, you will want to visit the manufacturer's site and follow its instructions. If not, go onto the next step.

Step 2

Download the template for your CD labels from sites such as, and Once you have your template, open it in your image program or CD labeling software. Open the images that you want to add to the labels using a photo program. A few decent programs are, Paint.NET and for online access.

Step 3

Adjust the print quality on the images to at least 96 DPI. Go to "Edit Image," found in the task bar of the photo program, hit "Adjust image size" and change the DPI resolution. Your particular photo program may have additional instructions on doing this. Save the image to an easy to remember location.

Step 4

Go to the CD labeling software or into your word processor program. Here, you will need to open the template by hitting "File" and "Open," then designate the location of the template. If your software has the template built in, just open templates and select the correct one for your labels.

Step 5

"Click" insert and select the image that you want to add to the label. Adjust the image accordingly, making sure that the parts of the image you want seen on the label are within the printed area lines.

Step 6

Print out a test label on a plain sheet of paper, check that the image shows correctly and that the positioning is where you want it. Then load the CD labels into the printer, making sure they are aligned with the printer's paper guide. Print out one sheet of labels at a time and allow them time to fully dry.