How to Print Card Inserts

By Bryan Roberts

When making a large number of cards, such as for weddings or graduation ceremonies, you may find it necessary to create a card insert for each card, which can contain extra information that does not belong on the card. You can make card inserts on Microsoft Word using preset index card templates.

Open Microsoft Word and select the "Tools" option in the menu bar.

Highlight the "Letters and Mailings" option in the tools window, then select the "Envelopes and Labels" option in the drop-down menu.

Click the "Labels" window in the "Envelopes and Labels" menu, then select the option that applies to your printable index cards (for example, if you are using Avery 5388 index cards, choose the "Avery 5388" option in the menu).

Type the information you want to put on the insert into the text window on the "Envelopes and Labels" menu.

Place your printable index cards into your printer in accordance with your printer's paper loading procedures. Consult your printer manual if you need more assistance with this step. Make sure the "Full Page of Same Label" option is selected in the "Envelopes and Labels" menu.

Select the "Print" button in the "Envelopes and Labels" menu to print your card inserts.