How to Print Borders on Paper

By Nadia Nygaard

Add a border to your paper for personalization and interest.
i warm border image by Attila Toro from

A border on your paper adds interest to your project and can personalize your paper for holidays, a birthday or other special occasions. For business use, a minimalist border adds a degree of elegance to your paper presentation. Adding a border to a standard piece of 8 1/2- by 11-inch paper with word processing software such as Microsoft Word is accomplished in a few short steps and rewards you with a decorative paper for letter-writing, decorating or personalization.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word to a new or in-process document.

Step 2

Click on the tab "Page Layout" at the top of the screen, third tab from the left. Select "Page Borders" from the toolbar.

Step 3

Select the desired style, color and width of your page border, or choose an art border from the pop-up box. The standard borders include variations on simple lines, while the art borders include everything from seasonal and holiday borders to abstract images.

Step 4

Click "OK" to apply the border to your page. Check your work in Print Preview, to be sure the border looks as you wish it to.

Step 5

Print your page from Print Preview by clicking on the Print icon on the top left of the page. The border will print on the paper.