How to Print a Book on Microsoft Publisher

by Lynn Dean
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With Microsoft Publisher you can print a variety of publications. One such publication is a book. Publisher has tools that give you complete control over layout, style and more. You can choose to print a small number of copies at home. If you need a larger quantity, you can upload or email your file to a copy shop or commercial printing house to have copies printed out.

Step 1

Apply the final touches to your book. Before you start the printing process, look over your written material to be sure there are no errors within the manuscript. It's best to have your book saved in Word format, which will allow you to import the project through Publisher.

Step 2

Open Microsoft Publisher. Under "File" select "New" and choose the layout for the book. The easiest template for book printing is "Booklet." You can find premade templates for books and extra book templates online via the "Microsoft Office Online" search in Publisher. Choose a book template that works best for you. Be aware that most book sizes are 6 by 9 inches or 7 by 10 inches.

Step 3

Click "File" and select "Import Word Document." The book will come up in Publisher and will give you more options such as page numbering, table of contents, copyright and title pages and cover design.

Click "File" and select "Print Setup" to bring up the preview and settings menu. Under "Print," select how many copies of the book you want printed. Other choices include color, one sided/two-sided print and paper size. Once you are satisfied with your layout and print settings, select "Print" under "File."


  • Microsoft Publisher offers three types of printing methods: desktop, copy shop and commercial printing. If you plan to print no more than 50 copies of your book, desktop publishing is the cheapest and easiest route. If you need to print more than 50 copies or require advanced book-printing options such as binding plus different paper weights and finishes, copy shop or commercial printing will offer you greater range. You can convert your book to PDF for easy upload, or you can email your manuscript to a copy shop or commercial printing agency. They will have the equipment to handle larger book copy quantities as well as professional-grade binding and finishing choices.


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