How to Print Banners With a Mac

By Susan Reynolds

Make a banner for almost any occasion, for business purposes to parties.
i savings banner image by tomdesigner from

Printing banners on a Mac depends upon the software used. There are many different programs that will help you make banners. You can purchase rolls of paper to use in your printer specifically for the purpose of creating a banner and you can print a customized banner for any occasion, saving money while customizing it exactly how you want it to appear.

Select the program that you want to use. Such programs include Pages, AppleWorks and Adobe Photoshop.

Choose "Blank Landscape" under "Template." Select "Continue" to create the blank document.

Choose a border from the "Borders & Rules" menu.

Select "Media" or "Picture" to add a photo to the banner.

Click on "Text Box" in the toolbar and type the words you want to appear on the banner. Change the font and color, if desired.

Go to "File" then "Page Setup" on the toolbar. Hit "Paper Size" then "Manage Custom Sizes." Type in the parameters of 8.5 inches by 120 inches. Click "OK" to close the window.

Set the end of the roll of paper into the printer. Go to "File" > "Print," and watch your banner print. Cut the banner from the roll.