How to Print a Banner at Home

By Nicholas Briano

Print a Banner at Home
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An alternative to expensive banners that will most likely only receive one-time use is to make your own homemade banner with Microsoft Word. The software can give the banner a unique and customized look. However, at home printers cannot produce continuous long banners. Instead the printer will divide the banner into multiple standard letter sized pages that you can either glue or tape together to make a full length banner.


Open Microsoft Word. This should bring you to a blank document. In the event you do not see a blank document, go to "File" then "New."

Go to "File" and select "Page Setup." A dialog box will open, select the "Landscape" orientation and press "OK" at the bottom. You need to decide how long you would like the banner to be. For Example if it's to say "Happy Birthday" and you type three letters per page, it will be five horizontal letter sized-pages long. Place the cursor at the beginning of the document and hold down the "Enter" button on your keyboard until you see that the document has produced five blank pages.

Place the cursor back on page one. Go to "Insert" located on top of the document's menu bar, Select "picture" and a drop down menu will appear where you will select "Word Art." The "Word Art" dialog box will open. Select the type of "Word Art" you would like to use and press "OK." A dialog box entitled "Edit Word Art Text" will open. This is where you will type the first three letters of the banner and select the font. do not change the font size, you will do this manually. After this is complete, select "OK."

Click on the text that now appears inside the Word document. You will see a box form around the Word Art. Hover your mouse cursor over the corner of the box and you should see your mouse cursor change to a double ended arrow. Click and hold the left mouse button and drag the text box. Using this method drag and make the text as big as you can within the page's margins.

To change the colors of the Word Art, right click with your mouse. A drop menu will appear, select "Format Word Art." A dialog box will open. Click the "Colors and Lines" tab where you will see the different color options.

With the first three letters complete, repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until you have completed your "Happy Birthday Sign." Move on to subsequent pages as required until completion. To print, go to "File" and select "Print." A print window will open and select "OK" at the bottom on the box to print your document.