How to Print an Avery File Label 05202

By Andrew Todd

Avery labels allow you to print professional-looking labels from your home computer.
i writing image by DBarby from

Avery makes many different styles of labels, varying in shapes and sizes. Printing on these labels is very easy as Microsoft supplies free templates for many different labels that can be opened and edited with Microsoft Word. If you do not have Microsoft Word, you can also open these templates in Open Office, which is an open-source (free) word-processing suite developed by Sun that is compatible with Microsoft Office.

Download the 05202 template from Microsoft's website. See Reference section for the link.

Double-click on the template file that was downloaded. Your default word processor will open and the file will be displayed and ready for editing.

Enter the information you would like to appear on each individual label. You will see gray or dotted lines indicating the spot on the page where the label is located.

Place the label sheet in your printer. Refer to your printer's manual for proper loading instructions, or print a test page to determine whether the page should be loaded faceup or facedown and which part of the page should be inserted first.

Click "File" and then "Print" from your word processor. Click "Print" in the "Print Properties" window to print the label.