How to Print an A9 Envelope

By Larry Simmons

Print uncommon sized envelopes such as the A9 by using custom page size options in your publishing software.
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Most document creation programs ship to the user with paper sizes preset into the print function to allow for quick and efficient printing of your document in the size desired. Due to the many available stationery sizes, not all paper sizes can be included however. A9 envelope sizes are often one of the paper sizes left out of the preset collection. To address this issue, the software manufacturers allow for the creation of custom sizes for printing. To use this function, you only need to input the size of the A9 envelope into the print setup.

Open your desktop publishing software, either a word processor or a graphics design program, whichever you're using to create the content you wish to print onto the A9 sized envelope. Create the content within your document, and save it before printing.

Open the "File" menu from the main menu bar of your application. Select the "Print" option to enter into the printer setup window.

Click on the "Pages" pull-down menu to get a listing of available page print sizes. Select A9 from the options, or choose "More envelope sizes" if A9 isn't available to open up a more extensive selection window.

Click on the tab marked "Paper" to make your envelope size selection. Search for A9, and if unavailable choose the "Custom" option.

Input the dimensions of the A9 envelope into the size section of the customs settings; 5.75 inches in width and 8.875 inches in height.

Click the "OK" button to verify the customized settings and return to the print window. Press the button labeled "Print" to print the contents of the document onto the A9 envelope.