How to Print on A2 Envelopes

By Mark Slingo

Larger printers must be used to print A2.
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A2 envelope printing is not permitted by some print drivers. On word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, A2 (4.83-by-5.75 inches) is unavailable in the envelope size list for printing. It is not always possible to click "Custom Size" in the envelope size list, but you can use some techniques to allow printing of A2 envelopes.

Test that your printer is large enough to take an A2 envelope. Put the envelope in the printer paper tray to check the size; also check the manufacturer's recommendations.

Adjust the printer envelope settings in Word. Click on the "Tools" menu. Select "Letters and Mailings" and then click on the "Envelopes and Labels" option.

Click "Options" in the "Envelopes" tab at the top of the window.

Open the "Envelope Options" tab. Expand the "Envelope Size" box and select "Custom Size." Change the width and height to 4.83 inches and 5.75 inches. Click "OK." This resets the size of envelope that your design will be printed on to A2.

Click "File," "Print." In the Print window, double-check the paper settings and click on "Print." Your envelope will be printed.