Primavera Project Trial

by Peter Mitchell

Exploring software before you buy it helps you to know if it's the right choice for you. However, Oracle, publisher of the Primavera Project Management software, does not provide a trial option as of February 2012. Some previous Primavera releases allowed a free trial for a limited period. Occasionally, Oracle temporarily makes Primavera available with a trial period.

Primavera P6

Primavera P6 Professional Project Management is the most current version of the software. Primavera offers heavy-duty project-management tools of particular use to professionals in the construction industry. The package contains risk-management tools, contract-management tools, portfolio tools and other software functions. The software allows management of up to 100,000 different project activities, according to the Oracle website.


In 2008 the Oracle Corporation bought Primavera Systems. Previous versions such as Primavera P3 offered a limited-period trial of the software. However, as of February 2012 the Oracle site doesn't provide a direct free-trial option. Instead, the software is available to buy for $2,750. Optional extras include a year of technical support and a Primavera media pack.

Delivery Cloud

Oracle's Software Delivery Cloud offers immediate downloads and licenses for most of Oracle's software products. At times, the service offers free trials for selected products. Though Primavera is not always one of them, sometimes the Cloud has a 30-day trial license available. At the end of this period, the software requires a paid license to work properly.

Free Downloads

The Primavera website offers some free downloads for Primavera users. These mainly include extensions and service-pack upgrades for existing installations. See Resources for a link to these downloads. Similarly, Oracle's Primavera Engineering & Construction Virtual Resource Center offers some free information and news on the engineering community, as well as project management tools and documents for download.

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