How to View the Previous Month's Usage on Verizon (3 Steps)

by Lynn Burbeck
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Keeping track of your previous month's cellphone usage can help you understand whether you're getting the most from your Verizon cellular plan. Whether you tend to go over your allotted talk and data transfer minutes each month, or don't even come close to your limits, you can use this information to modify your plan to better suit your usage levels. Looking at your monthly usage is also important if you have children on your plan, who may be talking and texting more than you'd like.

Step 1

Open the Verizon Wireless ( website. Log in to "My Verizon" at the top of the page. If you don't have an online account, click "Register" to register for free before using the online features.

Step 2

Click "My Bill" from your account homepage.

Scroll down to "Statement Summary" to view the previous month's usage. Simply look for the beginning and ending dates of the billing period you want to view. You can view a summary of your talk, data and text time, in addition to a breakdown of call and text logs for every phone on your cellular plan.


  • Look at the "Summary" section of the monthly Verizon bill that's mailed to your home or office. Usually located on the first page of the bill, this summary will give details on the prior month's cellphone usage for every phone on the plan. You'll find a breakdown of each phone's usage -- including text activity and phone logs -- on the subsequent pages.


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