How to Prevent a Computer From Entering Sleep Mode When Watching Netflix

by Isobel Phillips
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Sleep, hibernation and hybrid sleep modes are Windows power settings designed to save energy by powering down your computer and monitor when you haven't touched the keyboard or mouse for a specified time. While this is a great idea if you're away from your computer, it can be irritating if the monitor goes black when you're streaming a Netflix movie. Although you could remember to move the mouse occasionally to stop this from happening, changing your power settings will give you a better viewing experience.

Step 1

Click the Start button and choose "Control Panel" from the Start menu. In Windows 7 click "System and Security" and select "Power Options" to open the power settings.

Step 2

Click "Change Plan Settings" next to the power plan you want to change. On the next page, click "Change Advanced Plan Settings."

Step 3

Click the "Advanced Settings" tab, then double-click "Sleep." Double-click "Sleep After," choose "Setting," click on the arrow and select "Never" to keep your computer from entering sleep mode.

Step 4

Double-click "Hibernate After" and click "Setting." Click on the arrow and select "Never" to stop your computer from hibernating.

Step 5

Double-click "Display" followed by "Turn Off Display After," click "Setting," then click the arrow and select "Never" to make sure your monitor stays on.

Click "OK" and "Save Changes" to save your new settings.


  • Restore your normal power settings when you've finished watching movies.


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