How to Prevent Cell Phone Hacking

by LaTasha Rogers
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Talking on your cell phone should be a luxury you can enjoy without worrying about your phone being hacked into. Hackers have gotten creative in the ways that they can get into your phone. Taking the precautions to keep your phone safe can decrease the chances of your phone getting hacked into.

Step 1

Remove your battery from the back of the phone when the phone is not being used. This will prevent anyone from connecting to your phone.

Step 2

Disable your [Bluetooth]( connection on the phone to prevent any signals being sent to or from the phone. Call your carrier for assistance if you are unsure how to disable the Bluetooth.

Step 3

Buy a phone tap detector. This will alert you if the phone is being hacked into.

Step 4

Install the tap detector to your phone. Connect the small cable from your phone into the detector box. Plug the power cord in from the detector box into your power source.

Check the indicator on the phone tap detector. A green light indicates that the phone line is clear and a red light indicates that someone is hacking into your cell phone.


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