What Is Prevalence Reporter AVG?

By Elizabeth Burns

AVG Prevalence Reporter is an optional utility in the AVG Internet Security suite. This utility helps the security company gather information about the prevalence of malware threats on the Web.


Prevalence Reporter is an element of AVG's LinkScanner security utility, which assesses the threat level of websites before the user clicks on them. It reports Web threats that LinkScanner detects back to AVG.


Prevalence Reporter helps AVG to improve Internet security, as it allows the company to compare information about malicious online files and programs. It may, for example, let AVG assess whether a known threat is more prevalent in a particular region.


If you use a firewall, you may need to give it permission to let Prevalence Reporter access the Internet. Turning off Prevalence Reporter does not prevent LinkScanner from working; the program will still alert you to potential threats.