How to Preset Sirius Radio Stations

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

How to Preset Sirius Radio Stations. The Sirius satellite radios give you access to commercial free music and entertainment programming. Once you activate your subscription to Sirius, you are going to spend some time going through the different radio stations. After you find your favorite stations, you can begin setting up your presets.

Look at how many available presets are found on your radio. Each model has a different number of available presets. For example, the Sportster and Starmate often have 30 preset stations while older models have 20 or fewer.

Plan out the preset stations that you want to add to the radio. Before you set the stations get an idea in your head of what stations that you want set for quick access. You can browse the channel guide on the Sirius website.

Hit the "Band" button on the radio. There are three bands on the Sirius radios: A, B, and C. Select the band for the preset bank that you wish to use.

Go to the channel that you desire for preset. Manually tune to the channel that you want to program into the Sirius radio.

Hold down the preset button while tuned to the channel that you want programmed. After three seconds, you'll hear a beep that lets you know that the preset has gone through.

Repeat the process for each preset button. Continue to program the presets until you are satisfied with your choices.


After you program the presets, press the desired button to go to the channel that you wish to listen to. You can change the preset buttons at any time after the initial setup.