How to Preset Memory on the Sony SRF-M70

By Jon Stefansson

The Sony SRFM70 Sports Walkman digital AM/FM radio lets you store your favorite radio stations using its "memory preset" function. Instead of scanning the frequencies for music or talk shows, simply memorize the SRFM70 station preset number and select that instead. The radio comes with 10 empty slots for radio station presets. Storing frequencies in your SRFM70 memory preset is straightforward once the radio tunes into a particular station.

Use the "AM/FM," "+" and "-" buttons to tune into your favorite station.

Hold down the "Enter" button and tap "+" or "-." Choose a number (1 to 10) for your station preset.

Hold "+" or "-" for a few seconds while keeping "Enter" depressed. The radio beeps, and "PRESET" stops flashing on the display. The radio station is in the preset memory.