Which Prepay Carriers Use the Verizon Network?

By Heather Reeher

A pre-paid phone can be a great way to avoid overage charges.
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Cell phones have become an integral part of society. Everyone has one; whether it is a smart phone that costs over a hundred dollars a month to maintain, or a prepaid or pay-as-you-go phone for emergencies. There are many difference carriers, plans, and services to choose from on the market. Verizon is actually the owner of several different pre-paid carriers that it acquired through mergers. This means that small local carriers may actually be owned by Verizon.


Alltel merged with Verizon in January of 2009. Alltel offers service in few locations; most of which seem more remote. They are a great option if you move to a location that would otherwise be considered, 'roaming' on other carriers. Alltel has three different pre-paid plans. Pay-per-minute is charged at $0.15 per minute. Pay-per-day is $0.75 a day. Pay-per-month is $29.99 a month. Daily and monthly plans have unlimited features that you can choose from, including text messaging, mobile to mobile, nights and weekends or a favorite number. You can choose two at base price, or pay more per day/month to choose up to all four.

InPulse, Formerly FreeUp

InPulse is a prepaid service offered by Verizon itself. There are three different plans; one is paid by the minute, at $0.25 a minute, $0.20 per text. There are also daily plans. The first charges a $0.99 daily access with unlimited mobile-to-mobile, $0.10 Nights, Weekends, and each additional minute. Texts on this plan are also $0.10. The other plan has a higher daily access at $1.99, but offers unlimited mobile-to-mobile, unlimited nights, weekends, and additional minutes, and texts are only charged at $0.02.

Page Plus Cellular

Page Plus Cellular offers two prepaid plans. The first option is an unlimited talk and text plan at $44.95. For $29.95 callers can have the 1,200 plan; 1,200 minutes and 2,000 text messages, as well as 100 megabytes of data transfer. There are also a variety of voice cards, from 100 minutes to 1,000 minutes which can be added to the plans. Likewise, callers can pay $10.95 for 2,000 texts, or $19.95 for unlimited texts, as a plan add-on.

Other Prepaid Carriers

Other prepaid carriers include all of the major wireless providers; AT&T, Sprint-Nextel, T-Mobile, and MetroPCS, to name a few. A notable company is Virgin Mobile, which is part of Sprint. Since their US establishment in 2002, the company has offered contract-free, pay-as-you-go phone services. Like other companies, they have an unlimited plan offered, as well as three others they call "payLo." One is offers 1500 minutes, 500 texts, and 10 megabytes of web if you pay $30.00 per month. A second is 400 minutes at $20.00 per month. The third is for sparse usage; pay $20.00 every ninety days to keep the phone active.