How Do I Power My MacBook Pro From My Car?

By Alexandra Bee

Your MacBook Pro will charge in your car regardless of your location or Internet connection.
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Whether you are planning a road trip across the country or you are driving out of state for a meeting, you no longer have to solely rely on your laptop's limited battery time to enjoy your laptop's music and media. Travelling with your MacBook Pro is possible with a car charger, allowing you to continuously use your laptop regardless of the amount of time spent on the road driving. Various chargers are available and compatible for the MacBook Pro depending on your location and ordering preferences.

Apple Chargers

The official MacBook Pro company, Apple, features MacBook Pro chargers available for purchase for your car. All that is required for a MacBook Pro car charger is a working power port within your car (generally located near the radio or gearshift of a vehicle). MacBook Pro chargers are available from Apple store outlets as well as from the official Apple website.

Alternative Charging Options

If you are not near an Apple store or outlet, alternative electronic stores may feature MacBook Pro compatible chargers for your car. The MacBook Pro charger generally uses about 85-watts, while an off-brand charger may use more than 130-watts to charge the laptop. Visit local electronic and department stores to find pricing on various models of MacBook Pro compatible chargers.

Using the Charger

The MacBook Pro charger connects directly into your car's built-in power ports and charges directly from your car's battery, allowing you to charge your laptop on the go. The charger for the MacBook Pro also features a snap-in connection, allowing the laptop to stay secured while you are charging it -- avoiding the loss of any work or important documents. Once you are done charging the laptop, unplug the power cord or turn off your car.

Usage Times

With a MacBook Pro compatible power port charger, you have the ability to charge and continuously use your laptop for as long as your vehicle (or the power source) charges the computer for. If your car loses power or you turn it off entirely, your laptop will cease charging.