How to Post Videos to Tumblr

By Jason Artman

Digital cameras have evolved rapidly over the years. Many digital cameras, laptop webcams and camera phones sold today can record video footage as well as take photographs. If you've recorded a great video, it's only natural that you'll want to share it with your friends and if you have a Tumblr blog, you can do just that. Uploading your favorite video to your Tumblr blog or embedding a video from a video-sharing website such as YouTube isn't difficult and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Open a Web browser and navigate to the website. Enter your email address and password to log in and then navigate to the dashboard page for your Tumblr blog.

Click the "Video" icon on the menu bar at the top of the Tumblr dashboard.

Click the "Embed a Video" tab under the words "Add a Video." Click the text field below and paste the embedding code from a video-sharing website such as YouTube. To find the embedding code on most video sharing websites, look for an "Embed" button under the video playback window on the website. To upload a video from your own computer, skip this step.

Click the "Upload a Video" tab under the words "Add a Video." Click the "Choose File" button to display a file navigation window. Use the navigation window to locate the video file on your computer that you want to share and double-click on that file.

Click the "Caption" field near the bottom of the window and type the caption or description that you want to display below the video. This step is optional.

Click the "Create Post" button to display the video on your Tumblr blog.