How to Post Free Videos Online

by Chelsea Baldwin

Whether you've shot and edited a video using your own editing techniques and software, or you've used a free online program to create videos, you have a number of ways to post them online for free. You can post them to a number of video and media sharing sites, and you can take the embed code from those host sites to post your video elsewhere on the Internet, like in personal blogs or web pages.

Find a video hosting site that allows you to post videos for free. YouTube is one of the largest, most popular sites online, so in this instruction we will go through the YouTube process. Keep in mind that there are many other options available to you, see resources for more sites to choose from.

Go to and click "Create Account" in the top right corner of the screen. Enter your desired user name, password, your country of residence, your postal code and read through the terms of service before accepting the terms and creating your account.

Click on "Upload" next to the search bar at the top of the screen after you sign in. Click on the "Upload video" button and select the video file from your computer to upload to YouTube. Wait for the video to upload and for YouTube to process the video.

Select a preview screen from the ones generated by YouTube. This is what displays when your video loads on the site.

Type in a title and a description for your video. Add tags that match up with your video's title and content. Think of tags as keywords someone would type in to find your video.

Select a category that best fits your video content and choose the privacy setting you prefer.

Save the URL to give a link of your video to your friends and to post on other websites. Use the "Embed" code to paste a video onto a blog or other website from the HTML edit page. This code is also available from your video's YouTube page. Simply click on the "Embed" button under the bottom right corner of the video screen to access the code.

Click on "Save Changes" to post your video on YouTube.


  • check Other free video posting sites have similar posting and uploading processes. Although they differ slightly, if you understand one's process, you can easily adapt to others.


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