How to Post Songs You Like on Facebook

By Heather Harris

Share music with your friends using Facebook.
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Facebook is a useful social networking tool for sharing information with those who have connected with you on the site. When the information you want to share is music, there are a variety of ways you can go about it. Thanks to the increasing number of sites linking with Facebook and some of Facebook's own innovations, it is easier than ever to post songs to your Facebook wall.

Share Bookmarklet

Facebook's developers have come up with this simple way to share anything you have found on the Internet, including streaming songs and music videos, directly to your Facebook wall with the click of a button. Visit the Facebook Bookmarklet page, linked to in the resources section of this article, and use your mouse to drag and drop the button on to your browser's Bookmarks bar as shown. Once you have done that, navigate to the online location of the song you want to post, then click the "Share on Facebook" button. In the pop-up box that appears, add any comments in the space provided if you wish to, then click "Share." The popup will disappear when finished, and the song will be immediately posted to your Facebook wall as an embedded player. You and your Facebook friends will be able to click the play button and listen to the song or music video without being directed to another page, as an ordinary link would do.

Broadcast to Facebook

You can use a music broadcasting site, such as or GrooveShark to post songs directly to your Facebook wall. Once you have set up your free account with the broadcasting site, you have only to link it to your Facebook account and follow the specific broadcasting site's method of searching for and sharing songs. The processes for these tend to be straightforward, with clearly marked buttons to click and search bars to enter the name of the song you want to share.

GrooveShark ShareSong Application

GrooveShark, a music sampling and broadcasting site, has partnered with Facebook in developing an application to allow you to search for songs and share them directly to your Facebook wall without leaving Facebook. To use this application, you must grant it permission to post to your wall and access publicly available information when prompted. After granting permission, you will be directed to a simple search field. Enter the title of the song you want to share in the search bar, click "Search," and select the song you want from the list of results by clicking on its name. You will then have the option to send the song to specific friends or to publish it to your wall so it will appear in your friends' news feeds.

Link to Streaming Media

If a music video or streaming song is compatible, you can post it to your Facebook wall in an embedded player, so you and your friends can listen to it by simply pressing a play button. Do this by clicking the "Link" tab at the top of your news feed, where it says "Share:" above the status update field. Copy the video or streaming song's URL and paste it into the field that has taken the place of the status update field, then click "Attach." You will have the opportunity to add comments about the song and preview the way it will appear. When you are satisfied with it, click "Post."