How to Post Which Song You're Listening to on Facebook

By Amy Stanbrough

Enhance your Facebook newsfeed with song sharing.
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Social networking is about sharing, and that includes the music you listen to. When you hear a song you like in your music cloud or online radio, there's often a way to share the song with Facebook friends. In many cases, they will see the title of the song, the artist, an album photo and your comment.

Facebook Apps

If you plan to share songs regularly, investigate the many music applications that work with Facebook. According to Facebook's help center, installing a music app is the only way to activate the music note icon that will play the song when someone clicks on it. To get started, click the "App Center" link while in Facebook. From there, you will see a search tool. Type "Music" or "Radio" to review a list of music-related applications. A few applications you might see include SoundCloud, Spotify, ReverbNation and TuneIn.

Each app has its own method of distributing content. SoundCloud, for example, asks that you create a stream by following the streams of musicians you like and friends who also use the app. Once you have your stream created, you can repost what you are listening to. This repost will appear in the "Recent Activity" section of your Facebook timeline.

Streaming Music

Streaming music sites or standalone applications are usually free and have expansive music and media selections. Examples include Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Slacker Radio and XM Radio. To use this method of song sharing, you don't need to start from Facebook. Just log in to the application itself and find the sharing feature. With Pandora, for example, you can share music with your Facebook friends with a "Share" button displayed inside the interface. In Spotify's standalone application, share the the song you're currently listening to by selecting "File > Connect to Facebook" and entering your Facebook login information. By choosing "Friends" from the menu that asks who can see information posted onto your timeline, every song you decide to share will appear on your newsfeed.


Song sharing via cloud works the same way it does with streaming. Log into your cloud drive and play the song you want to share from your library. Then locate the sharing button. In Amazon's cloud player, the Facebook share icon is located at the bottom of the player above the area that displays the time reader. When you click the icon to share the song, you will be able to compose a comment about it that will appear above the artist and title information.


A simple way to share a song on Facebook is to copy the song's URL into the status text field box. This will work only if the song has a URL that can be copied and pasted. For example, if you have a song stored in Google docs, you can obtain a link with the sharing tool. One disadvantage to this method is that you will need to write out the song title and artist name yourself; Facebook won't include it automatically.