How to Get a Post Off of Craigslist That You Didn't Post But Is About You (4 Steps)

By Robert Schrader

If someone has posted a message about you on Craigslist and you want the post removed, the procedure is straightforward. All users who post on Craigslist are subject to the website's terms of use, which specifically prohibit identifying someone by name in an ad. That means if an ad contains your name, photo or personal details, you can ask that it be removed. If the ad doesn't mention your name or include your photo, it's less likely that Craigslist will be motivated to remove the post, even if you file a complaint.

Step 1

Navigate to the ad in question. Double-click in your "Address Bar," then right-click and choose "Copy."

Step 2

Click the "Help" button in the lower left corner of the Craigslist homepage. Choose "Contact Us" from the bottom of the General Help menu.

Step 3

Click the circle next to "Harassment" and then enter your name, email address and location. Type "911" as the subject. Paste the URL of the ad into the "Describe the Issue" field and explain, very briefly, why the ad should be removed. Click "Send Email Message."

Step 4

Respond promptly if Craigslist contacts you for additional information. Otherwise, keep an eye on the ad and wait for it to be removed. Craigslist does not give an estimate of how long it might take to remove an abusive ad.