How to Post on Craigslist For Free

By Ben Richard

Craigslist is similar to the newspaper's Classified section.
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From buying and selling to job listings and services, Craigslist is an online community to which you can also post free classified ads. The simple format, location-specific searches and anonymous filter for hiding your email address also makes Craigslist easy and secure to use. Whether you're selling an outgrown bike or advertising an upcoming tag sale or posting a job opening, Craigslist makes it easy to pass on your old goods and find recruit candidates.

Step 1

Browse to Craigslist (full link in Resources), and click on "Post to Classifieds" under the "Craigslist" name. Alternately, log in and then click on "Post to Classifieds."

Step 2

Select the type of posting and press "Continue."

Step 3

Type in the title and location, if applicable.

Step 4

Type in your email in each box next to "Reply to:" and select whether to show, hide or "anonymize" your email. Review your email carefully to confirm that it is correct so shoppers can reply to your posting.

Step 5

Check the box at the bottom if it's "ok for others to contact you about other services."

Step 6

Press "Continue."

Step 7

Click "Edit Text" if you see anything to change within the preview. When you finish, click "Continue."

Step 8

Check the email that you used to post the ad. Use the link in the message from to confirm your posting. Keep this message until your ad is deleted or expires, or bookmark the link in your browser.

Step 9

Click "Accept" after reading through the Terms of Use and your ad posts to Craigslist.