How to Post a Blog to Twitter

by Michelle Mista

First launched in 2006, Twitter is a popular social media service that allows users to create short messages, limited to 140 characters, called "tweets." Originally envisioned as a cell phone messaging social network, Twitter can be accessed via computers as well as SMS and smart phone applications. Twitter users use tweets for various purposes including conversation, networking, business announcements and promotion. Bloggers often use Twitter as a method of promoting their blog and individual blog posts to their Twitter user base.


Create your blog entry using the blogging service of your choice. Popular blogging services include Blogger and Wordpress. Once you have created your entry, publish it to your blog. Your blogging service will give you the URL of the blog entry you just created.


Shorten the URL. Popular URL shortening services include and Tiny URL (see Resources).


Post your blog entry to Twitter. Twitter allows users to access their service via the Twitter website or via third-party applications called "clients." To post your blog via the Twitter website, go to the "What's happening now?" box on the home page and enter the shortened URL. Click "Tweet" to publish the tweet. To post your blog via a Twitter client, log in to your Twitter client according to your client's instructions. Create a new Tweet with the shortened URL and then publish.


  • check When creating the tweet, be sure to include the title of your entry or short description of your blog. Posting just the URL to Twitter is a basic but not necessarily effective way of advertising your blog on Twitter.
  • check Twitter hashtags are keywords with the # in front of them and are used extensively to help Twitter users find tweets on various subjects. Use Twitter hashtag keywords in your Tweet to help publicize your blog post. For example, if your blog post tweet is about winter garden care, adding the hashtags #garden #winter will help other users find your post.
  • check Some Twitter clients include an automatic URL shortener. If you use a Twitter client to post to Twitter, check the features to see if it includes a URL shortener. If so, you may not need the additional step of shortening your blog entry URL before posting to Twitter.


  • close Protected Twitter accounts will only show your tweets to people you have already allowed to see your tweets. If you want the tweet containing your blog post to be read by the widest audience possible, either consider unprotecting your Twitter account or create a public Twitter for advertising your blog.

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