How to Post a Blog

by Andrew Mikael

A blog is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to broadcast information online. Whether for personal interest, business, or networking, a blog gives you an online presence and a way to communicate with the online world. Several avenues allow you to post your own blog for free with a minimal investment of time.

Several online networks allow new users to create a blog for free, including Blogger, Wordpress and LiveJournal. If you want a completely custom domain name for your blog, register the domain with a registrar service. Most free blog networks allow you to link your blog to your custom domain while still using the blog network's content management system and services.

Before advertising or networking your blog, add content so visitors have a reason to visit. Make your introductory material representative of what you hope future material will be. Even at the beginning, regular updates will entice readers to return and draw more attention. Consider making new posts once a day, around the same time.

Simply posting your blog online will not garner many readers, but tools exist to promote your blog and create more web traffic. Register your blog at online databases and social sites such as Technorati, Digg, BlogCarnival, mybloglog, Google Analytics. When you update your blog, these sites are notified and your blog content will be displayed in the databases' search systems.

Free blog networks offer many services and add-ons or plug-ins to make your blog useful and unique. Direct readers to other related websites, post RSS feeds (readers can sign up to automatically receive the latest blog posts via email), create an archive of your posts, display contact information, resources, photo galleries or any other device required by your blog's readership.


  • check Post regularly. Without updates, your blog will lose readers' interest and lower its ranking in search engines. Get other bloggers to link to your blog, often called a blogroll.

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