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Craigslist is a robust online community that displays classifieds of any sort--from boats for sale to jobs and job services--and is widely thought of as one of the best ways to buy or sell something for a great price. While posting your ad or browsing for a deal, you may realize that Craigslist allows posting only to a single geographic area, and it does not have a built-in nationwide search function. But it is good to know that while you may be limited to localized posting, there are alternatives when searching Craigslist on a nationwide scale.

Posting to Craigslist

Step 1

Browse to Cragslist ( and click "Post to Classifieds."

Step 2

Select options such as "type" and "category" on the following screens until you reach the posting form.

Fill out the posting form with details such as the title of the post, your email address, the price of the item you want to sell and the specific location. Click "Continue." You will be sent an email with a link to validate your post. Craigslist will place the ad in your specific region.

Searching Craigslist Nationally With Craigs Nationwide

Step 1

Browse to Craigs Nationwide (

Step 2

Type a keyword into the "Search" field and click "Search."

Narrow down your search by adding additional keywords into the "Search" field.

Search Craigslist Nationally Using Craiggers

Step 1

Browse to Craiggers (

Step 2

Type keywords into the "Search" field. Other options include category and region.

Click "Skip This Page" to go straight to advanced options that allow you to filter for location and proximity.


  • Never wire money when buying from Craigslist. Protect yourself by purchasing from sellers in your region, and insist on paying by PayPal, cash or money order.

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