How to Post an Ad to Back Page

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The wonderful world of internet makes finding what you want, when you want it, easier than ever before. There are now a plethora of community-based websites that offer free classifieds listings, where you can post ads or respond to them for free. One of the largest websites that are currently offering these services is Back Page.

How to Post an Ad to Back Page

Step 1

Log onto the website and select your city. Click the URL provided below under “resources” to visit the website. Once on the main page you will need to click on the appropriate city.

Step 2

Click the “post an ad” button. In the upper right-hand corner there will be a link that says “post an ad”. Click this button to begin posting an ad.

Step 3

Choose the section for your ad. You will be prompted to select a section for the ad you are posting to appear in. Select the appropriate section and proceed.

Step 4

Fill out the forms. You will need to enter a title and a description, as well as filling out any of the check boxes that apply to the ad that you are posting. Upload any pictures that you want to by clicking on the browse boxes and selecting the file from your PC.

Step 5

Click the “continue” button and proceed. Once you are ready to place your ad, click the “continue” button and it will take you to a verification screen. Fill out the text in the verification box and click the “submit” button.

Verify and publish the ad via your email. Once you have posted the ad, you will need to check for an email from Backpage in your email inbox. This email will have a link that allows you to click and verify, and publish your ad. Do not delete this link, as you will not be able to edit your ad or modify it if you do so.


  • If posting an ad for employment offered, make sure that you specify the requirements, the pay and the location.


  • Do not post your email address publicly. Instead choose to have Backpage hide your email address so you do not get spammed.

Items you will need

  • Internet access
  • Valid email address
  • Ad to post

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