Is It Possible to Have 2 Cable Boxes for Comcast?

By Jacob Reis

Comcast allows multiple cable boxes in your home if you have multiple TVs.
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In December, 2010, Comcast provided service for 22.8 million American households, making it the largest cable provider in the United States. Most of the functionality that Comcast subscribers get is through digital cable and their new brand, Xfinity. While it is not always necessary to have a digital cable box for every TV, it greatly enhances functionality and can help to convert the signals for older televisions.

When You Can and When You Must Have Other Boxes

To have digital functionality on any TV, Comcast requires that a cable box be installed. The on-screen program guide and On-Demand service are two such functions provided by a Comcast cable box. However, you don't need the bulky box that is normally installed with the main television. Use one of the smaller "Set Top" boxes that Comcast offers. The smaller boxes also function as digital converters for your older TVs, making them space- and cost-saving alternatives.

When You Don't Have to Have Another Box

Watching TV without a cable box is also possible. However, you can only do this if your TV is digital-cable ready. Older televisions, for example, will not work with the new Comcast Cable due to changes that have occurred in the way that cable is transmitted. If you plan on watching television without one of these boxes, you will not be able to access the on-screen guide, On Demand or any other digital functionality.

Getting Another Cable Box

To acquire an extra cable box, you have to call Comcast Customer Support and arrange for one to either be delivered to you or installed for you. As of June 2011, it is not possible to order a Comcast Cable Box online. The cost of the box will depend on the type of box and the area that you live in. Only your local provider can give you an exact price.

Different Types Under the Same Roof

It is possible to have different types of cable boxes in the same house. For example, if you have the full digital cable boxes in two rooms of your house, it is also possible to have just a set-top box or digital converter in another room. The remotes will not interfere with one another if they are programmed to different frequencies. If they are, let your service provider know and they can fix it for you.