How to Position a DirecTV Satellite Dish

By Pamela Gardapee

Satellite dishes need to be positioned correctly.
i Satellite TV image by Bryan Crowe from

If you are putting up a DirecTV satellite dish yourself, you have to know how to position the satellite dish so that you get the best possible signal. Positioning the dish is actually very easy to do if you have two people. One will be in the house in front of the TV and the other will be outside positioning the dish. You do not need any fancy tools to do this yourself. You will however have to use your hands to move the dish and tighten it down, so you should have no fear of heights.

Turn on the TV after the DirecTV cable box is hooked up to the TV. Use the remote to access the set up channel. On the remote, click Action and then Guide. This takes you to the screen that lists some options.

Click on the "Set Up" menu. This will take you to another screen with a list.

Click on the box called "Installation." This will take you to a screen that displays the satellite signal. Arrow down to the button that is called "Position" and click it. On the next page, you are asked to enter your zip code. Click on the "Zip Code" box and then enter your zip code. This takes you to the next page with positioning instructions.

Write down the information you are given on this page. You will be given the "Elevation" number. You will move the dish to the approximate elevation using the markings on the side of the mounting bracket holding the DirecTV dish. The azimuth is also displayed on this page. This is the compass direction that is based on zero. It will give you north, south, east and west degrees for your location. The rotation is the tilt of the satellite dish.

Close the page and return to the signal page. Have someone inside watching the signal as you take the azimuth, rotation and elevation numbers outside to position the dish. As you are moving the dish, the person inside will see the signal strength appear on the screen. Your idea signal strength is 87 or better.

Move the dish very slowly after you have your first coordinates. In minutes, you should have a strong signal. Then tighten down the DirecTV satellite dish and descent the ladder if you needed one.