The Best Portable Digital AM/FM Radios

by Lameshia Crawford

Digital radio is when transmission and reception sound patterns are processed in numbers. Analog radios processes sound with electrical signals. Digital radios are becoming popular with consumers. Digital radios offers a clearer sound and a higher frequency. There is a wider selection of stations with digital radio. With digital radio, the listener can program it to receive a particular station of interest. Digital radio gives the convenience of extra stations without the fees attached. There are several different makes and models for digital radios.

Coby Portable Digital AM/FM Radio

The Coby CX96 is an all-in-one digital radio with weather sport. It comes with an arm band and has a ultra-slim design. The Coby portable digital AM/FM radio has a 3.5 mm jack for headphones, dynamic bass boost system, digital clock and a 20 station preset memory. The design of this Coby is small and easy to travel with. It comes in black and takes two triple-A batteries.∏_num_id=156&pcat;_id=1008#specs-tab

Sangean PR-D5 Digital AM/FM Portable Radio

The Sangean PR-D5 has a 10 station preset memory, sleep mode, auto seeker and rotary controls. This digital AM/FM radio includes a stereo headphone jack, auxiliary input and a back-lit LCD display. It comes with an AC adapter and also has an option to use size C batteries.

Sony Portable with Weather Band Digital AM/FM Radio

This Sony digital AM/FM radio has a direct weather button, headphones, 20 preset stations, clock, battery indicator and LCD display. It has a belt clip and takes one triple A battery. There is also a 90 day warranty available.;_src=14110944&ci;_sku=8692471&ref;=06&loc;=01&id;=1205537512504

Kaito KA2031 AM/FM TV NOAA Weather Radio

The Kaito KA2031 digital radio has a sleep/wake-up timer, headphone jack, 20 station preset memory and minimized signal drifting. It also has an outside speaker and built-in antenna. The Kaito takes three AA batteries and comes with an AC adaptor.

CCRadio AM/FM Shortwave Radio

The CCRadio-SW portable has bass control, lighted buttons, alarm, tuning knob, sleep timer, headphone jack and a DC input. The CCRadio also has a lock feature, which locks the buttons to prevent anyone that is not authorized from using the radio. The AM RF gain knob helps to reduce interference from nearby radio stations. It has 50 station preset memory, easy to read display, built-in charging circuit and weighs 4.2 pounds. It comes with an AC charger adapter and has the option between size D or backup AA batteries. There is a one-year limited warranty available.

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