How to Port a Number from Verizon to Sprint

by Matthew Suedkamp
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Porting, or taking your phone number from Verizon, or any other wireless carrier to Sprint, or any other wireless carrier, is a very easy process. If you are not under a contract, there is no fee to take your number from Verizon to Sprint.. However, if you are under contract with Verizon and change over to Sprint, you will have to pay an early termination fee.

Step 1

Choose the phone and plan that you want to purchase. This can be done on the Sprint Website or in a Sprint store.

Step 2

Select the "take your number with you" option when filling out your online order. If you buy in the Sprint store, tell the salesperson you wish to keep your current phone number. You will need to have the account information of your former Verizon plan handy to provide to your new carrier. This is listed in the "Things You'll Need" box below.

Choose a date by which you want the transfer to be completed. This date will be the date that the number changes from Verizon to Sprint. Initiation of the procedure to move your phone number from Verizon to Sprint will take place once you provide all the necessary information. Transfers from Verizon to Sprint will usually be completed in 2 to 5 days.


  • If you need to call 911 during the transfer period, be sure to provide an accurate number to the dispatcher, in case your phone gets disconnected, as your phone might not display the correct number.


  • Wait until the transfer is complete before you set your voice mail up on your new Sprint account. If you set it up before the transfer is complete, you will have to rerecord your greeting and redo your settings.


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