How to Port a Number to a Tracfone

By Angela Reinholz

Contract-free, wireless cell phones allow you to experience all the freedom of owning a cell phone without having to pay outrageous monthly fees. One of the companies that is well known for contract-free service is TracFone. This company allows you to port your old cell phone number over to its services so you can continue to get phone calls and texts, but discontinue paying monthly service charges.

Step 1

Purchase a cell phone that can be used with Tracfone services. Not every cell phone will work with every provider, and you need to research the product to ensure that it works with Tracfone. The phone may be purchased online, or at a third party retailer.

Step 2

Open your Web browser and go to the Tracfone page called "Transferring my Number from Another Company."

Step 3

Read the information and carefully go over the details regarding transferring your phone number. The phone number that you want to transfer should still be active before you transfer it. Do not cancel the phone number before you activate the new phone.

Step 4

Click the box at the bottom of the page stating that you "Agree to The Above Terms." Click the blue button that says "Continue" at the bottom of the Tracfone page.

Step 5

Enter the wireless serial number from your new tracfone into the website. The number will be between 11 and 18 numbers long, and it can be found on the back of your phone or in your new phone paperwork. Click the button at the bottom of the Tracfone webpage that says "Continue" and fill in the rest of the required personal information.

Step 6

Contact your previous cell phone provider and let it know you are porting your phone number to another company. Cancel your contract only after the number has completely ported over to the new Tracfone.