How to Port From AT&T to T-Mobile

by Amy McClain

Number porting is regulated by the FCC and gives you the freedom to keep your wireless number even if you switch service providers. Moving from AT&T Wireless to T-Mobile can be accomplished in a few easy steps. T-Mobile will need some basic account information from you to initiate and complete the port. Your AT&T phone is not compatible with T-Mobile service unless it has been unlocked, so in most cases you will need a new phone.

Step 1

Enter your phone number into the "Phone1" field using the link in the Resources section.

Step 2

Follow the onscreen instructions to authorize the transfer. You will need to choose a T-Mobile service plan and phone (if desired). Provide your AT&T account details when prompted -- it may be helpful to have a recent AT&T invoice handy.

Allow approximately 24 hours for the number port to complete. Do not cancel your AT&T service -- your account must be open for the port to be successful. The AT&T services associated with your phone number will be canceled automatically when AT&T releases it to T-Mobile. In most cases, your AT&T phone will continue to work until the port is complete.


  • If your AT&T phone is still in contract, you may be responsible for early-termination fees when you port your number. Contact AT&T at 1-800-331-0550 to inquire about fees associated with canceling your account.


  • If you do not wish to complete the port and activation online, contact T-Mobile by calling 1-800-866-2453. You may provide the necessary information to a customer-service representative. You may also visit a T-Mobile retail location for assistance.


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