How to Get Pokes to Show Up on My Facebook Profile

By Lori Kaufman

Poking on Facebook is meant to attract the attention of another user.
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Every time one of your friends pokes you on Facebook, you receive a notification. However, if the Pokes application is not displayed on your profile, you will have difficulties finding older pokes. To make sure you are always able to see who poked you with a single mouse click, you need to add the Pokes application to the Favorites section of your profile. All pokes are displayed when you click the Pokes app; you can also remove pokes from the Pokes page.

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account and locate the "Apps" section. You can find it under the Favorites section.

Step 2

Hover the mouse cursor over "Apps" and click the "More" link that appears at the right of Apps to view all your apps.

Step 3

Hover the mouse cursor over the "Pokes" app, then click the small pencil icon that appears in front of it.

Step 4

Click "Add to Favorites" to add the Pokes app to the Favorites section of your Facebook profile. Items in the Favorites section are always visible on your profile, so you can see your pokes with a single mouse click.