What Plugins Does Hulu Need?

by Alan Donahue

Hulu is a free online video service that streams television shows from network and cable channels like NBC, Fox and SyFy. To play the videos on your computer, you must have the correct plugins installed that are compatible with Hulu. Along with the plugin, specific browser settings will keep Hulu running at optimal speed.

Adobe Flash Player

The Adobe Flash Player is the plugin software that runs and operates Hulu videos. Use the "Download Flash Link" on the Hulu Website or visit Adobe's official website at adobe.com to find the software. Once downloaded, exit your Internet browser and follow the installation instructions. Once Flash is installed, Hulu should operate normally without any issues or additional plugins.


Specific browser settings should be activated to get Hulu to run properly. Cookies and JavaScript both need to be activated for the Hulu website or videos may not always play. Enter the "Tools" menu of your browser. Click on the "Security" or "Preferences" menu. Select the "Enable JavaScript" and "Accept Cookies" boxes. Reload the Hulu website and videos will play without issues. You may also wish to try using different browsers -- free options include Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera -- and upgrading to the current version of whichever Web browser you use.

Adobe Flash Update

If you already have Adobe Flash installed on your computer and Hulu will not work, then you may need to upgrade your software. New upgrades to the flash software includes the removal of security threats, increased performance and compatibility with websites like Hulu.

Hulu Plus

The paid service Hulu Plus operates the same as the standard Hulu website. The only plugin you need to operate Hulu Plus is the Adobe Flash Player. If your computer can run videos on Hulu then there should be no issues with the Hulu Plus video player.


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