How to Plug in a Microphone

by Contributor

Plugging a microphone into your computer will allow you to not only record your voice, but also record instruments into the computer. There are many software programs that allow you to edit and add sound effects to your recording. Plugging your microphone in will turn your computer into a mini home studio.

Locate the microphone jack on your computer. This jack is usually pink. If you do not find one, then you will need to add a sound card to enable this feature. You can find sound cards at many stores, including Best Buy. Refer to your owner's manual or computer manufacturer as to the sound card type you need.

Plug the microphone jack into the computer jack.

Turn on the microphone by using the on switch if the microphone has this.

Check to make sure the volume is up for the microphone in the computer. For Windows, this requires clicking the speaker icon near the system tray clock.

Start the software you have chosen and begin enjoying the features of your mini home studio.

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