How to Plug Your iPhone Into a Flat Screen

by Avery Martin

You can view your iPhone content directly on your TV using an iPhone-compatible adapter such as the Apple Composite AV Cable for standard televisions or the Apple Digital AV Adapter for HDTVs. This makes it possible to watch videos, play apps and view photos directly on your television. If your TV is an HDTV you can plug a charging cable into the Apple Digital AV Adapter to ensure that your iPhone battery doesn't run down.

Composite Video and Audio


Check with your television manual to determine the type of inputs it has. Then, purchase the appropriate cable from the Apple Store or a local computer store.


Connect the wide USB portion of the Apple Composite AV Cable to the port on your iPhone.


Match the yellow composite video output plug with the yellow input receiver on the back of your TV. Then, connect the red and white audio output plugs with the red and white input receivers on the back of your television or external speaker system.


Turn on your television and iPhone to begin watching videos and other content on your iPhone.

HDMI Video and Audio


Connect the USB port of the Apple Digital AV Adapter to the port on your iPhone.


Plug an HDMI adapter into the HDMI port of your Apple Digital AV Adapter.


Insert the other end of your HDMI adapter into the HDMI receiver of your television.


Turn on your TV and begin viewing iPhone content on your HDMI-compatible TV.


  • HDMI cables only require one plug because the cable carries both audio and video with a single cable.

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