How to Plug a Headset Into a Dell Computer

By Andrew Todd

AIM, iChat and Skype are three popular web chat clients that allow users to videochat with friends.
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As Web conferencing increases in popularity, you may find it useful to use a headset with your Dell computer. In addition to functioning as headphones, many headsets include a microphone, which will provide a higher level of sound quality than that of the microphones built into many Dell computers. Using a headset will also help to keep your conversations private and can be connected to your Dell computer via USB or analog cable, depending on the headset.

Analog Headset

Locate the speaker and microphone inputs on your computer. On a Dell laptop, the inputs will typically be located on the front or on the side of the computer. Some models of Dell desktop computers will have speaker and microphone inputs on the front, in addition to the inputs found on the rear of all Dell desktop computers.

Insert the headphone cable into the speaker input on the computer. On desktop computers, the speaker input may have a green ring around it, although on both desktop and laptop computers there will be an illustration of a speaker identifying the input.

Insert the microphone cable into the microphone input of the computer, which will be located beside the speaker input. Once both cables are connected, the headset will be ready for use with the computer.

USB Headset

Locate an open USB port on your Dell computer or hub.

Insert the USB cable of the headset into the USB port of the Dell computer.

Allow the system to recognize and automatically install the headset drivers. When the headset is connected, an information bubble will appear at the bottom right of the screen informing you of the installation process. Once the confirmation of the installation appears in the information bubble, the headset is installed and ready for use.