How to Record Music to your mp3 Player Using Windows Media Player

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Technology enthusiasts talk about the Apple iPod and other mp3 players as if they are as easy to use as a cassette record. At the beginning, that's not to sture. The process of getting music onto your mp3 player has more steps than you might think. Here, for PC users, is a guide through a process and some terms that might be unfamiliar to you.

Step 1

An image showing a USB cord and where it connects on a SanDisk Sansa music player.

Connect your mp3 player to your PC. Typically you will do this through a USB cord that either came with the mp3 player or, more likely, that you buy separately. This cord is important because it is what you will use to transfer music from your PC onto your mp3. The cord is the way the mp3 player and your PC communication.

Step 2

Windows Media logo from www.vista4beginners.com.

Pause for a moment until your PC recognizes that the mp3 player has been connected. Typically the PC will show the mp3 player as a peripheral device, with a notification of the connection showing up in the lower right hand or lower left hand corner.

Step 3

Screen capture from www.microsoft.com

Open Windows Media Player by clicking or double-clicking on the Windows Media icon. Make sure the Media Player is "seeing" your mp3 player. Typically you will know this is happening because the name of the player will show up in a list of the left side of the page. If you don't see the name of the player, that might mean you first have to load software sold with the mp3 player.

Step 4

Screen capture from www.knowzy.com

Now insert the first of your music CDs into the CD-ROM drive. Wait for it to load. Once it does, the name of the disc will appear in the same list as your mp3 player, only a little above. Now click on the "Rip" tab of your Windows Media player software. If all is working correctly, you should see a list of the tracks on your music CD appear. Now select which tracks you would like to put onto your mp3 player. And, then, let 'er RIP. Click "start Rip."

Step 5

Screen capture from pcwin.com

Click on the "Sync" tab of your media player. Now go through the list of tracks that are appearing there. Choose a song, hold down the left button and drag the track to the "track list." Once you are done, click "Start Sync." You will see progress bars after each song -- these are your songs making their way to the mp3 player.

To double check that the transfer has gone well, disconnect your mp3 player, put on your headphones and listen for the new songs. Chances are, you're ready to turn on the tunes!

Items you will need

  • Personal computer with abundant memory.
  • Windows Media Player 10 or higher
  • A few of your favorite music CDs.
  • USB Cord to connect player to computer

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