How to Play Yahoo Chess Games Online

By Greg Lindberg

Play chess online with Yahoo! Games.
i chess image by Robby Weinberg from

Yahoo! Games is a website that includes several games that can be played online with multiple players. Users must have a Yahoo! account to join a room to play board, arcade, puzzle, card and word games. Playing the Yahoo! Chess game allows users to play a virtual chess game based on skill level and other preferences that users select. Players move their pieces on a virtual chessboard and can chat with opponents within the game screen.

Step 1

Go to the Yahoo! Games website and click on the "Board" option. Click on the "Chess" option and then click on the "Go Now" button.

Step 2

Enter your Yahoo! ID and password, and then click on the "Sign In" button. Click on the "Sign Up" option if you don't have an account.

Step 3

Click on the "Play Now!" button. Click on the "Social," "Beginner," "Intermediate" or "Advanced" tab for a list of game rooms. Click on any room and then click on the "Join" button to begin a game with another player.

Step 4

Click on the "Preferences" option to change any room, game or chat settings. Click on the "Create Table" option to start your own game and wait for another play to join you. Click on the "Quick Play" option to begin a fast version of the game.

Step 5

Click on the "Start Game" button once you enter a chess table. When it is your turn to make a move, you can click on any of your pieces and you will see all of the possible moves highlighted in yellow. Click on the "Exit Table" option to end the game at any time.