How to Play a WMV in QuickTime

by Curt Lanning

WMV is a popular video format that is extremely common within the Windows operating system. Where you won't find this kind of video format hard ever, is on a Macintosh computer, made by Apple. Apple computers use a video player for their movies known as Quicktime. Now, there is a Windows version of Quicktime, but it is impossible to get the Windows version of Quicktime to play WMV files, because Windows Media Player already does that. It is possible to get the Macintosh version of Quicktime to play WMV files though.


Download and install the plugin Flip 4 Mac (see Resources).


Click on "Macintosh HD > Applications > Quicktime."


Wait for Quicktime to launch, and when it does, click on "File > Open Video File." Use the finder window that appears to find your WMV file. When you find it, double click on it. Quicktime will now play your WMV file.

About the Author

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