How to Play WMV Files on a DVD Player

By Alexis Lawrence

WMV files can be played on DVD discs.
i portable dvd player and disc image by Warren Millar from

WMV, or Windows Media Video, is a video file format that can be read by several media players, such as Bitberry Final Media, Apple's QuickTime Player and Windows Media Player, as well as video-editing systems. WMV video files can also be used to create DVD movie discs. Once a WMV file is burned to DVD, the file can be played on any standard DVD player that has the ability to read DVD-Rs.

Open any DVD-burning program that you have on your computer. Insert the DVD into the disc drive and try to burn the WMV file with the DVD program. Some popular DVD programs, like Roxio Creator and Cyberlink PowerDVD have the ability to burn WMV files to disc.

Download an application that can create ISOs from WMV video files if you do not have a DVD-burning software on your computer or if your DVD-burning software won't burn the WMV file to disc. ImgBurn and Free ISO Create Wizard are free ISO-building applications that can create an ISO, the type of image file burned to DVDs, from WMVs (see Resources).

Go to the "Start" menu, and "All Programs." Scroll to the name of the ISO-building application that you downloaded to your computer, and click the program name to launch the application.

Press the "Upload" or "Add File" button in the program. Find the file on the hard drive in the window that comes up and double-click it to add it to the ISO project.

Click "Create ISO." Select the folder on your hard drive where you want the ISO file to save and enter a name for the file, then press "Save."

Open the DVD-burning program on your computer. Burn the ISO file to disc in the DVD-burning program.