How to Play a WMV File on a Mac Computer

by Avery Martin

When using a Mac computer at your business, you may find the need to play Windows Media Video, or WMV, files. These files are not natively supported on a Mac, but you can play them by downloading a component for QuickTime. QuickTime provides Mac users with a native application designed to play video and audio files. Once you have installed the Windows Media Components package on your Mac, your computer will automatically play WMV and WMA files using QuickTime.


Click the "Download" button on the Windows Media Components for QuickTime download page.


Locate the downloaded application file and double-click the file to mount the disk image.


Double-click on the disk image located on your desktop to open the installation file.


Follow the instructions on the installation wizard to finish installing the updated components on your computer.


Restart QuickTime Player if it is already open, click the "File" menu, then select "Open File." Navigate to the location of the WMV file, select it and click the "Open" button to play the video.


  • close This will not play protected WMV files. You will need to do that on a Windows computer.

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