How to Play WMA on iPod

By Justin Wash

Apple's iPod is the most popular personal music player. Infinite expandability, its revolutionary "click wheel," and seamless connectivity with Apple's iTunes makes it flexible and easy to use. However, the iPod will not play WMA files, a popular file format in the Windows community. Listen to your WMA files on your iPod by converting them to an iPod compatible format.

Open iTunes. Select "Preferences..." from the file menu and navigate to the "Advanced" tab.

Under "Importing/Converting" select MP3 of M4A as the default file format. These files will both play on the iPod and the choice is up to you. Most audiophiles prefer MP3s high quality to M4As small size.

Import the WMA files you wish to convert to your iTunes library. Locate them via the search box in the top right of the iTunes window

Select the files to be converted. From the "Advanced" file menu, select "Convert selection to MP3/M4A..."

Wait for iTunes to complete the file conversion, and add the files to your iPod's music library.