How to Play WMA Files on a Car Stereo

By Stephen Lilley

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WMA files are a type of computer audio file designed mainly to be played using Microsoft's Windows Media Player. Normally, car stereos can only play CDs with songs in the audio CDA file format. Certain car stereos, however, are also capable of playing CDs filled with these WMA files. If you want to play these audio files in your car stereo, you'll have to use a CD burner and blank CD to burn up to 700 MB, or about 80 minutes, of these files to a disc.

Step 1

Put a blank CD in your CD burner.

Step 2

Click "Start."

Step 3

Click "Computer."

Step 4

Open the icon for the blank CD in your CD burner.

Step 5

Drag up to 700 MB worth of WMA files from their location on your computer's hard drive into the window for your CD burner.

Step 6

Click "Burn Files to Disc" to burn the WMA files to the CD.

Step 7

Take the CD out of your computer's CD burner.

Step 8

Put the CD into your car stereo. The CD filled with WMA audio files will play just as any other audio CD would.