How to Play a WAV File on a MacBook

by Luther Blissett
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Sounds are often recorded in MP3 format, but there are instances when it is necessary to playback a sound file that has been recorded in WAV format. Fortunately, Apple Macbook computers are well suited for handling all types of multimedia files including WAV audio files. Apple Macbook users can choose from a variety of different free audio playback programs, all of which will have no difficulty playing WAV files.

Playing the WAV file

Step 1

Locate the WAV file by navigating directly to the WAV file in the finder, or you can simply type the name of the file into the spotlight search bar located in the top right corner of the Apple OSX menu bar.

Step 2

Right-Click on the desired WAV file and select the "Open With" option to reveal the programs currently installed on the Macbook capable of playing the WAV file.

Select any of the listed programs. Any of the programs listed under the "Open With" option will be capable of playing the WAV file.


  • If no programs are listed under the "Open With" submenu, it is still possible to play the WAV file on your Macbook. Simply navigate to the Apple homepage and download either iTunes or Quicktime Player. Both programs are free for Mac users and will be capable of playing WAV files in addition to a wide variety of other types of sound files.

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  • cd rom inserted into laptop image by Egor Ukoloff from

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