How to Play MP2 Videos in Windows Media Player

By Si Kingston

Windows Media Player is compatible with many file types, including MP2. MP2---or MPEG-2---which stands for Motion Picture Experts Group-2, is a common format for both audio and video files. Even though the file type is not uncommon, not all players are capable of reading this file type. To play an MP2 video in Windows Media Player, you may either open it in the software from the file's current location or drag the file into the player interface.

Open From the Save Location

Locate the MP2 file in the save location.

Right-click on the video and select "Open with."

Select "Windows Media Player" as the software with which to view the video. The video will open in the software and begin playing automatically.

Open in Windows Media Player

Open the Windows Media Player software from the start menu (or desktop).

Select "Library," and choose either "Audio" or "Video."

Drag the MP2 file from the save location and drop it into the "Now Playing" field. The file will begin to play.