How to Play Videos From a SanDisk SD Card

By Robert Kingsley

A SanDisk SD card is a small memory card that can be used for extra storage in many portable media devices. It is quite common for digital cameras and video cameras to save their data to these cards. They can hold a lot of data, some up to 64 GB, and they're easy to use. Reading these cards requires the use of an SD card reader. Most computers have one installed internally, but external readers are available for systems that do not.

Remove your SanDisk SD card from your video device.

Plug the card into your SD card reader. If the reader is external, you will need to plug its cable into a free USB port on your computer. Windows will recognize the card automatically.

Click "Start" from your Windows desktop and click "Computer." The SD card will be listed as a drive on your system.

Double-click the SD card to view its contents. It may be listed as "Removable Disk."

Locate the video you want to view and double-click the file. Your default media player will launch and play the video.